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Ag Leader Projects

Ag Leader is an agricultural innovator in precision farming through their high-end technology products. I've completed various projects while interning at Ag Leader that focuses on different internal and external audiences. The range of projects has helped me expand my experience as a designer by being able to apply different information across a variety of media.


Ag Leader has a variety of different dealers that educate consumers about products. Two times a year, Ag Leader holds an onboarding to educate their new dealers. After these onboardings, our In-House team sends out postcards to eligible consumers.

In the year 2022, Ag Leader launched a new product called RightSpot. RightSpot's nozzle-by-nozzle control allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your inputs with the right droplet size and coverage to give your crop what it needs. Dealers needed a postcard to send out inviting consumers to educate them on our new product.

Digital Ads

Ag Leader puts out various digital ads to reach more of the target consumer while browsing online. These digital ads I designed highlighted that Ag Leader and our dealer are the local precision ag expert.

Recruitment Flyer

Our marketing department was attending a Career Fair at Iowa State University and needed a flyer to recruit a new graphic design intern.

T-Shirt Design

At Ag Leader, we have a company store where our employees and our dealers can shop online. We wanted to update our design with shirts that would draw our employees to wear. This t-shirt has an American flag with a sprayer at the end of it.

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